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It has been rumored that Tandy (along with Motorola) is working on a CoCo IV computer to be released shortly. At present the only advance information available is that a new microprocessor will be incorporated into the unit-- the 6813!

Our research staff has been able to uncover a list of new opcodes that distinguish the 6813 as a breakthrough in computer technology. The list is presented here for your information.

ABBA - Play Swedish rock

ERS - Erase Read-only Storage

RBT - Read and Break Tape

ADGB - Add Garbage

ETOY - Emulate ZX-81

REST - Relax for 12 cycles

BAD - Bark At Dog

HFA - Hire From Atari

RRT - Record and Rip Tape

BBL - Branch on Burner out Light

HCF - Halt and Catch Fire

RTR - Refuse To Run

BAH - Branch And Hang

HFC - Hide From Children

RTM - Return To Motorola

BFEI - Beg For Expansion Interface

HFP - Hide From Pinto

RTT - Return To Tandy

BLI - Branch and Loop Infinite

HIC - Help Intel Chip

RSD - Read and Scramble Data

BPB - Branch on Program Bug

IAD - Illogical AnD

RWD - ReWind Disk

BPO - Branch if Power Off

IBM - Interrupt Bad Mnemonics

SINK - Sink INto I.C. socKet

BPM - Begin Pirate Mode

IOR - Illogical OR

SRZ - Subtract and Reset to Zero

BRN - BuRN up SAM chip

JOF - Jump On Floor

SSD - Seek and Scratch Disk

CFP - Call For Programmer

JOM - Jump On Motorola

STD - Stop Turning Disk

CLD - try to CooL Down SAM chip

JOT - Jump Off Table

STI - Sell T.I. Stock

CMS - Catch MouSe

JTZ - Jump To Zaxxon program

TLK - Start speech synthesis

CNP - Call National Parts

KAL - Fly over Russia

TPR - Tear PapeR

CPB - Create Program Bug

MDB - Multiply and Drop Bits

TRS - TRaSh ('TRiSs') program

CPM - Correct Program Manual

MWK - Multiply WorK

WED - Write and Erase Data

CRN - Convert to Roman Numerals

NOPE - Refuse to do anything

WID - Write Invalid Data

CSD - Create Static Discharge

OCD - Open Commode-Door

WOJ - Wear Out Joystick

DAO - Divide And Overflow

PAS - Print And Smear

XBRA - Goto Zoo

DEVO - Start new wave (Sine)

PIP - Pulverize Interface Peripheral

XOR - eXecute OpeRator

EIP - Erase If Pirated

PSD - Perform Safety Dance

XPR - eXecute PRogrammer

Besides having the above user friendly opcodes, the 6813 will also have 161 easy to remember addressing modes! P.S. There is no word from Tandy as to when we might expect these improvements (they are still trying to figure out what a 6809 is!). Perhaps in the next computer catalog.



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